Not everyone sleeps well, and this has an impact on our overall state of health. When you do not sleep well, there is a tendency for you not to perform well.

Hence, you would work more, and you will remain awake for a longer period of time, and this affects your sleeping time, thus resulting in a vicious cycle.

One of the fundamental reasons why you need to have enough sleep is because, your body needs ample time to self-repair. Your muscles are rebuilt and you have a good skin. In addition, your senses become sharper than before.

  1. Enhanced Memory and Learning: The period when your brain undergoes tidying up and the likes, is during sleep. It retains all you have gone through during the day. When you have enough sleep, it would be easier for you to remember all the necessary experiences and facts at an effortless rate when you need it.1.

Asides the fact that sleep enables us to recollect information, it also helps us in remembering tasks and directives that we underwent during the day.

2. Quicker solutions to problems: One of the reasons why some people find it hard to solve a problem, is because they have not put their brain to rest.

Anytime you are faced with a great decision, which requires you to be careful, it is advised that you sleep over it. When you wake, your brain is refreshed, and you have a better solution to any problem you are encountering.

3. Better focus and attention: The portion of the brain which controls decision making, reasoning and problem solving, is the same portion which enables you to pay attention and remain focused.

When you need to remain focused on a job, it works best after you have rested your brain.

4. Better mood: There are times when we are stressed on the job, and we become angry, sad at people. This does not happen intentionally, it occurs because stress affects our mood, and having enough sleep would only get it back on track.

Asides mood, for mental health problems like anxiety, depression and the likes, they get worsened by lack of sleep.

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