Exercise is basically any form of movement which requires your muscles to work and your body to burn calories. There are several forms of physical activity, which includes running, swimming, jogging, walking amongst others.

Staying active comes with lots of health benefits, in both physical and mental forms. As a matter of fact, it also ensures your long health.

To start with, exercise has been proved to improve the mood of an individual. It basically does this, by reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Exercise induces certain changes in the brain which adjust anxiety and stress, and it also steps-up the sensitivity of the brain, relieving depression feelings which the production of certain hormones like norepinephrine and serotonin.

In addition, exercising is beneficial for health because it aids with weight loss. One of the major factors responsible for obesity is inactivity, and this is what exercise aims to correct.

During the course of dieting, the reduced calorie intake will make weight loss linger, and when you exercise on a regular basis, your metabolic rate increases, and you burn additional calories which assists you to lose weight.

Also, exercise is fundamental for health, because it aids in the development of muscles and bones. Undergoing physical activity such as weight lifting and the likes boosts muscle building when they are taken with enough protein.

This is due to the fact that exercise aids in releasing the hormones which enhance the capacity of muscles to take in amino acids. This aids them in growing and slows down their reduction.

For healthy people, exercise is a profound energy booster, and the same applies to those who have medical health problems.

Exercise also greatly increases energy levels for those who have chronic illnesses. As a matter of fact, exercise is very effective when it comes to passive therapies such as stretching and relaxation.

Lastly, exercise also helps your brain health, and improves your memory. It improves the function of the brain, helps safeguard your thinking and memorizing skills. It also further enhances the production of hormones which can aid the growth of brain cells.

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